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sympathy phrases

(I'm) sorry to hear that.
My dog died.
I'm sorry about that.
(That's) too bad.
That's a pity.
What a pity.
How awful.
How sad.
Tough luck.
What a shame.
That's unfortunate.
It rained every day while I was in Hawaii.
That's unfortunate.
I'm sorry about your misfortune.
It's unfortunate.
It happens!
It's a common mistake.
It must be tough for you.
She won't talk to me anymore.
It must be tough for you.
It must be hard on you.
Oh, poor thing! *poor
Bob got fired.
Oh, poor thing!
Oh, poor baby!
Ah, poor Bob!
I know how you feel.
My wife left me.
Mine, too. I know how you feel.
I understand the way you feel.
I really sympathize with you.
Is there any way I can help?
You must have gone through a lot.



sympathy phrases

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sympathy phrases

sympathy phrases

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