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Basic Expressions

1.Good morning [afternoon ,evening ],John .
2.Hi, John.
3.Hi, Mark .how are you doing?
4.Fine. And you?
5. HelloJane. how are you?
6. Pretty good. Thanks. And you?
7. Whats upheld? Nothing much.
8. Whats happening?
9.Nothing much .Im just taking one day at a time.
10.How are you feeling today?
11.Just so so.
12. How is it going?
13. Hows everything with you?
14.Hi! Are you having fun?
15.How have you been (feeling)?
16. So far so good.

Greetings with People Met Often

17.Hi, there!
18.How are you doing? I cant complain too much.
19.How is your business going?
20.How are things going?
21.How is your day going?
22.How are you doing these days? Well, about the same .
23. Whats new?
24.How do you feel today?
25.I feel like a new man.
26.Are you making progress?
27.Have gotten over your cold?
28.Did you sleep soundly last night?
29. Whats the matter? Dont you feel well?
30.Why are you so cross today?
31.You look tired. Had a big night?
32.How come you look so tired?
33.Why are you in such a good mood?
34.You look under the weather today.
35.Is anything wrong?
36.Where are you headed?
37.Im on my way to the library.
38.Where have you been?
39.What did you do last weekend?
40.I went to a baseball game.
41.Where did you go over the weekend?
42.Did you manage all right?
43.Its good to see you again.
44.I havent seen much of you lately.
45.Youre a sight for sore eyes.
46.What brought you here?
47.I didnt expect to see you here.
48.We seem to run into each other often lately.
49.Our paths have finally crossed.
50.I just stopped by to say hello.
51.What have you been upheld to lately?
52.How have you been getting through the dog days?
53.Where have you been fooling around?
54.Johny! Yours is the last face I would have expected to see here.
55.Jancy meeting you here!
56.Hello, Jane! I havent seen you for a long time .
57. Its a long time since a saw you last.
58.I havent seen you in years.
59.I havent seen you for ages.
60.Hi, long time no see.
61.Hi, tom, Im glad I bumped into you.
62.What a pleasant surprise! I havent seen you for a long time.
63.Youre just the man I want to see.
64.What happened to Bill?
65. No news. But I bet hes O.K..
66.I havent heard from him for 10years.
67.How often do you hear from him ?
68.How is he getting along?
69.Hes in the pink.
70.How was your trip to Hong Kong?
71.I hardly know you.
72.Your name just doesnt come to me.
73.What has kept you so busy?
74. Hows everybody at your house?
75.I hope your family are all well.
76.Mr. Park sends his regards.
77.It so happens that I met him on the train just yesterday.

First Greetings

1.How do you do? Im glad to meet you.
2.How do you do? Glad to meet you, too.
3.Im pleased do meet you.
4.The pleasure is mine.
5.May I introduce myself?
6.Let me introduce myself.
7.My name is Ching ming Wang.Im a junior at BeiJing University.
8.I hope we will become good friends.
9.I work for Chinese Petroleum Corporation.
10. May I have your name, please?
11.How large is your family?
12. Where are you from?
13. Whats your nationality?
14.Let me introduce my friend, Mr. Yang.
15.Mr. Brown, this is Mr. Lin.
16.I think Ive seen you before.



greetings phrases

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greetings phrases

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