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It's boring.
Do you want to watch that movie?
No, I hear it's boring.
My life is dull.
It's dull.
It's for the birds.
I hate this class.
I agree. It's for the birds.
It's no good.
It sucks.
I'm not interested.
So, when do you want to go out with me?
I'm not interested in you.
It's nothing great.
How's your new job?
It's nothing great.
It's nothing much.
I'm not satisfied.
I'm dissatisfied.
I'm not happy about it.
I'm not content.
I'm discontent.
It was just another meeting. *just another
How was the meeting?
It was just another meeting.
It was just a meeting.
That meeting was nothing special.
I can't get into my work. *get into...
I can't concentrate on my work.  *concentrate on...
I can't get excited about my job.
I've lost interest in my work.
It's outdated.
It's out of date.
Give me a break.
I don't know her, I promise.
Give me a break!
Get real.
Tell me the truth.
Stop joking.
Get serious.
Stop kidding!
Stop pulling my leg!
I can't stand it.
Tom is very rude.
Yeah, I can't stand it.
I can't take it (anymore).
I can't bare it (anymore).
I can't take the strain.
I can't stand it any longer.
I can't put up with it any longer! *put up with...
That's enough.
Mom! She won't leave me alone and she keeps playing with my toys and...
That's enough. Stop complaining.
I've had it.
I've had enough.
I've heard enough!
That's it.
Enough is enough.
Have a heart!
Finish your homework first, then wash my car.
Have a heart, dad!
The more I hear about it, the more disgusted I get. *The more..., the more...
The more I hear about it, the more disgusted I become.
The more I know, the sicker I feel.
There she goes again.
A) Are you listening? I said...
B)(To C) Oh, no! There she goes again.
She's starting it again.
She's saying it again.
Oh, man!
No, you can't go.
Oh, man! You never let me do anything.
I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear about it.
Now what?
There's one more problem.
Now what?
What else?
What's next?
What else is wrong?
What is it this time?



gangsta phrases

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