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1. stop complaining!
2. you make me sick!
3. what's wrong with you?
4. you shouldn't have done that!
5. you're a jerk!
6. don't talk to me like that!
7. who do you think you are?
8. what's your problem?
9. i hate you!
10. i don't want to see your face!
11. you're crazy!
12. are you insane/crazy/out of your mind?
13. don't bother me.
14. knock it off.
15. get out of my face.
16. leave me alone.
17. get lost.
18. take a hike!
19. you piss me off.
20. it's none of your business.
21. what's the meaning of this?
22. how dare you!
23. cut it out.
24. you stupid jerk!
25. you have a lot of nerve.
26. i'm fed up.
27. i can't take it anymore.
28. i've had enough of your garbage.
29. shut up!
30. what do you want?
31. do you know what time it is?
32. what were you thinking?
33. how can you say that?
34. who says?
35. that's what you think!
36. don't look at me like that.
37. what did you say?
38. you are out of your mind.
39. you make me so mad.
40. drop dead.
41. **** off.
42. don't give me your shit.
43. don't give me your excuses/ no more excuses.
44. you're a pain in the ass.
45. you're an asshole.
46. you bastard!
47. get over yourself.
48. you're nothing to me.
49. it's not my fault.
50. you look guilty.
51. i can't help it.
52. that's your problem.
53. i don't want to hear it.
54. get off my back.
55. give me a break.
56. who do you think you're talking to?
57. look at this mess!
58. you're so careless.
59. why on earth didn't you tell me the truth?
60. i'm about to explode!
61. what a stupid idiot!
62. i'm not going to put up with this!
63. i never want to see your face again!
64. that's terrible.
65. just look at what you've done!
66. i wish i had never met you.
67. you're a disgrace.
68. i'll never forgive you!
69. don't nag me!
70. i'm sick of it.
71. you're such a *****!
72. stop screwing/ fooling/ messing around!
73. mind your own business!
74. you're just a good for nothing bum!
75. you've gone too far!
76. i loathe you!
77. i detest you!
78. get the hell out of here! !
79. don't be that way!
80. can't you do anything right?
81. you're impossible.
82. don't touch me!
83. get away from me!
84. get out of my life.
85. you're a joke!
86. don't give me your attitude.
87. you'll be sorry.
88. we're through.
89. look at the mess you've made!
90. you've ruined everything.
91. i can't believe your never.
92. you're away too far.
93. i can't take you any more!
94. i'm telling you for the last time!
95. i could kill you!
96. that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard!
97. i can't believe a word you say.
98. you never tell the truth
99. don't push me !
100. enough is enough!
101. don't waste my time anymore.
102. don't make so much noise. i'm working.
103. it's unfair.
104. i'm very disappointed.
105. don't panic! !
106. what do you think you are doing?
107. don't you dare come back again!
108. you asked for it.
109. nonsense!



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