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common useful scottish greeting phrases

Hello! --- Awrite!
Good morning! ---Guid mornin!
Good evening! --- Guid eenin!
Good night! --- Guid nicht!
Hey,friend! --- Hey! Mukker!
How are you? --- Hou ar ye?
I'm fine,thanks! --- A'm fine, slainte!
And you? --- An ye?
Thank you(very much)! --- Thenk ye (uncoly)!
You're welcome! --- Ye're welcome!
Good bye! --- Guid cheerio the nou!
See you later! --- See ye efter!

common useful scottish introduce phrases

Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss… --- Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…
Nice to meet you! --- Nice tae meit ye!
You're very kind! --- Ye ar verra kin!
What's your name? --- Whit's yer name?
My name is ... --- Ma name is ...
Where are you from? --- Whaur ar ye frae?
I'm from (the U.S/Scottish ). --- A'm frae (the U.S / Scotland)
Where do you live? --- Whaur d'ye bide?
I live in (the U.S/ Scottish ). --- A bide in (the U.S / Scotland)
How old are you? --- Hou auld ar ye?
I'm (twenty, thirty...) years old. --- A'm (twintie, thrittie ...) year auld.
Do you speak (English/ Scottish)? --- D'ye spaek (English / Scots)?
I like Scottish . --- A like Scots
I have to go. --- A hae tae gang
I will be right back! --- A'll be reit back!

common useful scottish help phrases

Excuse me ...! (to ask for something) --- Ho ye!
Excuse me!( to pass by) --- Ho ye!
Hold on please!(phone) --- Haud on please!
One moment please! --- Ae moment please!
Can I help you? --- Can A gie ye a haund?
Can you help me? --- Can ye gie's a haund?
I'm lost. --- A'm tint.
Come with me! --- Come wi's!

common useful scottish wished phrases

Congratulations! --- Congratulations!
Good luck! --- Guid Luck!
Happy birthday! --- Canty Birthday!
Merry Christmas! --- Merry Christmas! / Merry Yuil!
Happy new year! --- Happy Hogmanay!

common useful scottish general responses phrases

I Don't Know! --- A dinna ken!
I Don't Understand! --- A dinna kin!
I Have No Idea. --- A hae nae thochtie.
Sorry (for a mistake) --- Sairy!
I'm Sorry! (if you don't hear something) --- A'm sairy!
No Problem! --- Nae problem!
Don't worry! --- Dinna fash yersel!
I'm hungry/ thirsty. --- A'm guttin / thirsty.
Give me this! --- Gie's this!
Hurry up! --- Coorie up!
I love you! --- A loue ye!
I feel sick. --- A feel no weel.
I need a doctor. --- A need a doctor.
Can You Say It Again? --- Can ye say it again?
Can You Speak Slowly? --- Can ye spaek slowly?
How Do You Say "Please" In Scottish ? --- Hou d'ye say "Please" in Scots?
Do you like it? --- D'ye like it?
I really like it! --- A pure like it!
What Is This? --- Whit's this?
How much is this? --- Hau much is this?

common useful scottish time and number phrases

Today/ Now/Tomorrow/ Yesterday --- The day / nou/The morn / the streen
In The Morning/In The Evening/ At Night. --- In the mornin / in the forenicht / at nicht.

What time is it? --- Whit's the time?
It's 10 o'clock. 07:30pm. --- It's ten oors. It's 07:30 at the forenicht.
One, Two, Three,Four, Five, Six,Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten --- ane, twa, three,fower, five, sax,sieven, aicht, nine, ten

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common scottish phrases | useful scottish phrases | basic scottish phrases

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